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Candidates for positions through Select Technical Staffing must register before placement occurs. The registration process is very easy to accomplish by completing the following items:

1. Look through available jobs below
2. Submit a resume via email or fax or apply on
3. Follow up 48-72 hours later to check your status
4. Come in for personal interview with another copy of your resume as well as professional references to contact

Pretty easy, huh? Once you are registered with our agency, you could be eligible for any of our jobs that match your experience and skill levels. Checking in every so often (once a month or so) will keep you active in our system and we will do what we can to help you in your job search.

Once placed through Select, you will be eligible for great benefits such as:

* Holiday pay for 6 major holidays
* Referral bonuses
* Vacation bonus pay
* Temporary health insurance

* for more details contact Select Technical Staffing


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